Tippers- Construction Vehicles

We roll the rocks, rock the road
No time for dead time

You're not going to wimp out because of your tyres, are you? The construction industry needs solid, tough tyres that come back for more, day after day, and BFGoodrich®'s tyre casings are solidly resistant. Having proven their stuff on some of the toughest construction sites in Africa, they're not going to wimp out in Europe. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We grind our budget into the ground

That's right, we spin our wheels on gravel and drag them through the dirt. They can take it! And when we've worn them down to a glossy finish, rather than dishing out for new truck tyres, we put our money where our investment already is and retread them. With the BFGoodrich® 100% retreadability offer, our new treads from Laurent Retread factories and Recamic workshops have construction cred.

There are no roads, only surfaces

The scenery may not change much for tipper truck tyres, but the surfaces we drive on sure do. As we ease our trucks over rocks, splash through mud, put the pedal to the metal on asphalt, the M+S tyres take us everywhere.